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Average jail time for drug possession florida

Cocaine Trafficking Penalties: 28 to 200 grams: 3-year mandatory minimum prison sentence; $50,000 fine. 200 to 400 grams: 7-year mandatory minimum prison sentence; $100,000 fine. 400 grams to 150 kilograms: 15-year mandatory minimum prison sentence; $250,000 fine. More than 150 kilograms: First-degree felony: Life Imprisonment without parole.

Firearm violations: Penalties can range from one to 30 years’ incarceration depending on the nature of the offense. Fines can be between $1,000 and $10,000: [18 U.S.C. Section 924]. Kidnapping: A prison sentence of 25 years to life, and if the victim is killed, the Court may impose a death sentence: [18. U.S.C. Section 3559]. Clearly, a felony charge is a complex and serious matter. At this critical time, you need the advice of a qualified St. Petersburg / Clearwater criminal defense attorney. Call our office for a free consultation: (727) 578-0303 so that together we can investigate all. The offense carries a fine of up to $10,000 and as long as an 18-month prison sentence. Possession or distribution of larger amounts could be charged as a second- or third-degree offense. A conviction could result in a fine as high as $300,000 and up to 10 years in prison. Prescription drug theft – Stealing prescription pads, blanks, forms or.

A mandatory minimum of 15 years imprisonment if the defendant is found to be a career criminal; A term of no less than 5 years imprisonment in a standard case for carrying a firearm while in possession of enough drugs to find for drug distribution or trafficking; and. Monetary criminal fines of up to a maximum of $250,000.

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Possession of marijuana is a misdemeanor under California Health and Safety Code Section 11357. Possession of one ounce (28.5 gms) or less is punishable by a maximum $100 fine; jail time is possible for larger amounts or for hashish, which is an optional felony ("wobbler"). In 1999 she was arrested for possession of 100-200 grams of cocaine with intent to distribute. That amount could be packaged into as many as 9,000 $10 bags of cocaine. ... non-violent drug offender is longer than the average sentence for rape, child molestation, bank robbery or manslaughter...Mandatory sentencing laws require the person serve.

Answer (1 of 14): I would believe it depends on where you are. Which state, county and the D.A in your county as well as exactly what the felony was. I was arrested for the first time with possession with intent to manufy/distribute. Criminals use of communication and 19 counts of paraphernalia..

As a result, by the time Schlosser wrote his Atlantic series in the mid-1990s, prisons were brimming with nonviolent marijuana drug offenders: One out of every six inmates in the federal prison.

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